For every third-party App integration, there are many tables that can be imported. Outside of the reference tables, here are some of the most used tables for your analytics.

  • Accounts

    Read the set of Accounts belonging to the Account used to make the API request. This list includes that account, along with any subaccounts belonging to it. When fetching multiple pages of API results, use the provided nextpageuri parameter to retrieve the next page of results. All of the Twilio Helper Libraries use the nextpageuri to page through resources.

  • Addresses

    Returns a list of Address resource representations, each representing an address within your account. The list includes [paging information][paging-info].

  • Alerts(Incremental)

    Returns a list of alerts generated for an account. The list includes paging information.

  • Applications

    Returns a list of Application resource representations, each representing an application within your account. The list includes paging information.

  • Available Phone Number Countries(Incremental)
  • Available Phone Numbers Local(Incremental)
  • Available Phone Numbers Mobile(Incremental)
  • Available Phone Numbers Toll Free(Incremental)
  • Calls(Incremental)

    Calls can be made via the REST API to phone numbers, SIP addresses, or client identifiers. To place a new outbound call, make an HTTP POST request to your account’s Call resource.

  • Conference Participants(Incremental)

    Returns the list of active participants in the conference identified by ConferenceSid.

  • Conferences(Incremental)

    Read all the conferences within your account.The list of conferences that we return includes paging information.

  • Dependent Phone Numbers(Incremental)

    Returns a list of IncomingPhoneNumbers on your account that require the specified address.

  • Incoming Phone Numbers(Incremental)
  • Keys

    Returns a list of API Keys in this account, sorted by DateUpdated. The list includes all API Keys. It also includes paging information.

  • Message Media(Incremental)

    Returns a list of media associated with your message. The list includes paging information.

  • Messages(Incremental)

    Returns a list of messages associated with your account. If you are using the Twilio REST API or the Twilio-CLI, the list includes paging information. If you use one of Twilio's Server-Side Helper Libraries, paging happens under the hood. When getting the list of all messages, results will be sorted on the DateSent field with the most recent messages appearing first.

  • Outgoing Caller Ids

    Returns a list of OutgoingCallerId resource representations, each representing a Caller ID number valid for an account. The list includes paging information.

  • Queues
  • Recordings(Incremental)

    This API call returns a list of Recordings, each representing a recording generated during a call or conference for the given account. The list returned includes paging information.

  • Transcriptions

    Returns the full set of Transcriptions generated from all recordings in an account. The list Twilio returns includes paging information.

  • Usage Records(Incremental)

    By default, the UsageRecords resource will return one UsageRecord for each Category, representing all usage accrued all-time for the account. You can filter the usage Category or change the date-range over which usage is counted using optional GET query parameters. Note that query parameters are case-sensitive.

  • Usage Triggers