How to connect to MongoDB?

Acho allows you to connect to MongoDB database. You can follow the steps below to set up the connection.

  1. Go to the Resources page and click the Add Resource button

  2. In the "Select a data source" step, select MongoDB under the Database tab

  3. In the "Configure the data source" step, enter your database login credentials

    • host: either a hostname or an IP address depending on where you host your MongoDB database

    • port

    • database name

    • user

    • password

    • authentication source: the source where user information is stored

  4. In the "Select the tables", choose tables that you want to import.

  5. Click Finish Setup. You will see a "syncing" label next to your MySQL resource. It may take a few minutes to several hours depending on the data size and the number of your tables. Once your APP's data is ready, you will receive a notification email.

How to set up Data Sync?

Acho supports creating schedulers to retrieve the latest data from your database at a certain time interval.

How to add Acho's IP into your whitelist?

You should whitelist our service IP address . This way we can make a connection to your database and import the tables to Acho Studio. Here is how you can whitelist Acho's service IP address for your database instance. (Take MongoDB Atlas as an example).

  1. Go to your MongoDB Atlas and navigate to Network Access

  2. Click on ADD IP ADDRESS, and enter in Access List Entry as shown below

  3. Click Confirm

For more info, please visit Connect to MongoDB